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Glen College of Agriculture

Second year crop production students from Glen College of Agriculture doing a practical visit related to oil and a protein course. Focus was on the value adding of sunflower crops, specifically on oil making. The main focus was on oil pressing and the use of oil by the consumer. This from part of their curriculum […]

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Rob Davies, Minister of Trade and Industry

Argo-processing support scheme

After Rob Davies, Minister of Trade and Industry, launched his department’s R1 billion Argo-processing support scheme at the #AfricaBig7 Food & Beverage Expo in Gauteng on 27 June 2017, he visited Vergezocht HO stall. After he was informed about our product he was presented with a bottle of our oil to take home and enjoy. Photos courtesy […]

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Blood and Lymph Cleanse Stimulated by Sunflower Oil

BLOOD AND LYMPH CLEANSE The treatment of Lymphatic disorders including AIDS and CANCER Dr. F. KARACH.MD. AN EXPLANATION OF THE UNCONVENTIONAL HEALING PROCESSES WITHIN THE HUMAN BODY STIMULATED BY SUNFLOWER OIL The result of this healing research has attracted amazement and resulted in further research. This additional research concerning oil therapy has now been thoroughly […]

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Vergezocht High Oleic Virgin Sunflower Oil

LM du Plessis article Oilseeds Focus

LM du Plessis article Oilseeds Focus Jan 2016 There are numerous studies on the possible harmful breakdown products of deep-frying oils and the consensus reached is that it is a complex matter. Internationally and locally regulations have been established to control the over-utilisation of frying oil and two analytical methods, namely the total polar components […]

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