Oleic Virgin Sunflower Oil

Vergezocht Plant Oils has, for the first time in South Africa, succeeded in processing the new High Oleic sunflower seed into a high quality consumer product. This revolutionary new sunflower seed was cross bred from a variety of cultivars to produce a non genetic manipulated variety that yield sunflower oil with totally unique properties. This unique sunflower oil retained the multi purpose properties of normal sunflower oil, but the fatty acid profile now equalled and in some cases improved on what is generally referred to as “healthy oils”.

Vergezocht High Oleic Virgin Sunflower Oil (also referred to as Vergezocht HO), combines all the goodness wanted in a cooking or salad oil into one superior product. Vergezocht HO is a very stable edible oil with a shelf life far superior to most other oils. It is very low in saturated fat, has not been hydrogenated and naturally contains no Trans fatty acids.

Vergezocht HO is cold pressed from carefully selected seed that has been produced without the use of weed killers or insecticides and has no additives. The golden colour, nutty aroma and taste, is an indication of the cold pressed un-deodorised goodness guaranteeing the best quality. The natural aroma released by the oil when heated the first time is a further indication of the unique process the oil is subjected to during manufacturing and an indication that the oil has never been subjected to heat before . As this oil is re-usable, this aroma will therefore be absent or barely present in subsequent uses.

Vergezocht High Oleic Virgin Sunflower Oil are Available in two sizes 500ml and 1 litre

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