What makes Vergezocht HO Oil The perfect Lifestyle oil

What makes “Vergezocht HO (High Oleic) Oil: The perfect Lifestyle oil” so unique?

It is made from a new variety of sunflower seed, bred from a variety of sunflower cultivars without any genetic manipulation.

The fatty acid composition of HO compares to and in most cases improves on the composition of other well known oils e.g. olive oil.

It is cold pressed using a state of the art press imported from Germany. No chemical are used in the extraction process.

Up to 4 times more Vitamin E than in Olive Oil. KolligPierrefiller2

The smoking point is ± 238ºC, which is about 100ºC higher than for example extra virgin olive oil which makes its ideal for both salads and deep frying.

It is ideal for repeated frying (re-usable up to 6 times)

It contains no preservatives or colourants as is often the case with other oils.

It is naturally stable and resistant to turning rancid (normally accelerated by high levels of polyunsaturated fats).

No chemicals are used during processing.

HO sunflower was planted commercially for the first time in Africa on the farm Vergezocht in the Bainsvlei area. The dryer climate around Bloemfontein is ideal for the cultivation of HO sunflower and no insecticides need to be used on the plants.

Approved as part of The Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa eating plan.

Tested and approved by the University of the Free State: Prof. J.L.F. KockNo Trans Fatty Acids.

  • Very stable edible oil.
  • Peroxide value after usage by Ocean Basket in Bloemfontein, was about 4, and way below the maximum allowable value of 10.
  • May use the Lipid Research Unit seal of stability.

Prescribed and used by Ilsabé Spoelstra, Head of the Dietician Association in the Free State.

 Vergezocht HO Oil. It is The perfect lifestyle oil.

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